Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Enjoying the Beautiful weather

It's been so nice outside that we've just had to take advantage of it. Going to the park as much as possible! Here are some of the latest pictures that I've taken while there.
Owen just loves swinging!
He's also trying to hard to walk and loves to get down at the park to try there too! He started to take a few steps and then down he went!

Olivia has gotten very brave! She's taken to spinning on the spinning thingy,climbing and jumping off the big rock, or going down the slide every way but the right way! She's cautious whereas Owen has no fear!

We also went to the Flowetown Festival. It was so nice outside. Not too hot and not too chilly. Here's Livi posing as a beautiful flower. Overall we were a little dissappointed in the festival. There just didn't seem to be as many crafts as usual but there were a ton more commercial vendors.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I feel like a horrible blogger. I'm pretty sure as of now I don't have any real followers. But as of now, I'm thinking that's a good thing since I have not posted anything in months. Things have been crazy so I have not blogged in forever. Our laptop crashed in Jan. taking all of our pictures from Oct. to Dec. with it. We haven't had any internet in the house to use our desktop anyways.So right now, I'm making a point to hopefully blog everyday from now on. I want to be able to write down what we're, how we're all feeling, how Nugget and Noodle are changing and growing so that I can look back on it and say, "Ah, I remember when!" To make this a little more possible, I can post from my phone. That should hopefully make things a little easier!

There's so much that has happened in the last 4 months too! We had Christmas and New Years. Noodle turned 6 with a Circus themed birthday! Nugget turned 1 in Feb, hasn't started walking yet but is cutting 6 teeth all at once. Nugget's been on and off of steroids for his horrible eczema. Hubbs went back to TK which has been a great and needed change! And as for me, I'm still staying at home with both the kiddos and enjoying every minute of it. Watching them learn new things, teaching them new things, listening to new words from Nugget and random tidbits from Nood.

Now it's March, almost April and Easter is upon us. Today we joined Nana at her church for Palm Sunday for and Easter Egg Hunt and luncheon. We have Spring Break to look forward too as well as the Egg Drop, a Mini Family Vacay, and a visit from our West Coast cousins!
I will be back to post pics and tell all about it this time, I promise!!

til next time...

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