Sunday, September 12, 2010

So many new things...

Being without a working computer and without internet at my house, it's been very hard to keep this thing up and running. There's so much that has been going on. Sp many new things to share!

Noodlehas started 1st grade! Its very exciting. She was going to be going to a new school but with the unexpected change in a financial situation, I was very happy that I did not burn any bridges with her old school. I wanted too but for some reason kept from doing so and boy, am I glad that I did. She was having lots of anxiety about going to a new school anyway that led to lots of bed wetting. She's much happier being back at her old school with her old friends and the bed wetting has ended! YAY! I must say that I'm not old enough to have a 1st grader!!! Oh, she's also lost another tooth. This time on top. We're still waiting for one of the bottom to fall out. It's been loose for months and doesn't seem to be held in by anything but we can't get it out. She goes to have some teeth filled in a week or two and the dentist said if it was still in, he'd pull it while she was out!

I have started my new job. I'm going on my third week and everyday I have a new emotion that goes with it! I'm happy to be out of the house for some adult interaction but at the same time, I'm sad to being leaving my children's responsibility on someone else. That has been a chore in and of itself!!!! I'm hoping that this job will quickly lead to a full time one so that I can stick Nugget in full time daycare and not constantly have to be worrying about where he's going to go so I can work.

I've been dabbling in decorating onesies for my friends who are having babies. I regularly make shirts for Noodle but like making them for other people. I'm also trying to broaden my ideas away from just girly shirts since Nugget isn't a girl and needs something "boyly" as I say! I've made a really cute one with a rocket for my nephew but of course I don't have any pictures of it! I'm hoping to get really good at it and start selling them!!Here are a few that I have made for friends:

Nugget's eczema journey is still an ongoing one! I feel like we're seeing the dermatologist every 2 weeks with what seems like no progress at all! It's very frustrating. Well, at his last visit, she finally decided to do an ImmuCap test which tests for allergies through a bloodtest. Nugget went to an allergist back in Jan. but his skin tests showed nothing. He wasn't allergic to anything. I found that very hard to believe. He had reactions to milk and what we though was wheat but come to find out he's not allergic to them. The bloodtest found that he is allergic to cats and he has high sensitivity to walnuts and peanut and a mild sensitivity to soy. It has me thinking that his eczema can't possibly be in response to a food allergy. He's cleared up several times with the help of an antibiotic but if it were due to his food allergy, he wouldn't have cleared because he's never been off soy! Soy is in EVERYTHING!!! He has another appt. this week. We'll see how that goes!

So I guess that's about it! I'm sure I'll think of something else but until then...

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