Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Whole Lotta Changing going on!!

As my last post said, we're are hoping for better days in 2011 and I think to do that a whole lotta things have got to change!
First thing that has changed is my job status! I am back to Full Time Mommy Status and I'm loving it!!! A little over a week ago, I quit my job! I have mixed emotions of the whole thing however! I loved working when I worked a lot but being that it was a PRN position, the work was far from steady! Over Christmas, I worked for a whole month and I was actually starting to enjoy it! I missed spending Christmas break with the kiddos but it was nice to have adult interaction and to be contributing to the household. However, at the same time, I HATED being away from the kiddos and I felt like I was doing everything on top of working! That did not work for me! If I was going to be working, I wanted help from the Hubs around the house! That did not happen! It was left all to me! Well, the month of steady work ended and they told me they could use me somewhere else. They asked me to look at my schedule, let them know what days I was available and then I could work those days. That is just what I did! I looked at my schedule, needed a week off to gather my thoughts, take care of errands, organize and throw Noodle's 7th Bday Party and just chill. There was no urgency indicated when they told me I could work. It was very nonchalant however it was apparently urgent. That week I needed off was disappointing to them causing a meeting with my boss. That meeting was a week and a half ago! I go in hoping they were going to offer me the full time position they wanted me to cover for but instead I got condescension. They talked to me like I was a child about how I wasn't "available" enough! I just worked everyday for a month even though my child got sent home from school twice with a fever of 102+, my son got a Staph infection in his nose, I got Strep throat from a patient, I was made to get a flu shot which later resulted in me getting sick. I gave my all and went beyond the duty of a regular PRN person I can promise you. So with their rudeness, I quit! No one treats me like a child when just a week early, I was being praised for what a good job I did and how patient I was with the children.
Second thing thats changing: Hubs has had several interviews in the last week! After some severe changes at his current job, his old position re-opened so he interviewed for it! We're hoping that since he's done the job before and the person that caused his demotion is no longer with the company, that he will be back to his old job with his old pay very soon. There are of course mixed emotions with it because what if in a few months, he's right back where he is now. How do we know the promotion will be a permanent one? I am extremely frustrated with the way they've treated him so I'm torn of how I feel. But in case that doesn't pan out, he's had two interviews with another company. The hours would be much better and the pay would have to be better because at this point, anywhere would pay better than what he currently makes. Having two interviews has to be a good sign, right? Hopefully, we'll be hearing something from them very soon! (Don't you love how I say "we" when it's really all up to my husband!)

Third thing that's changed: Noodle turned 7 which I also mention in my last post but we finally had her birthday party! Having her a birthday party is always a stressful thing because we never know when to have it! Her birthday is Christmas Eve so we can't have it on her actual Birthday. We can't have it around Christmas because everyone too busy, So we've been waiting until after the first of the year after everything has settled down but still haven't had good luck with her little friends showing up. This causes me great stress! Every parent wants their child to have the best birthday and in the child's eyes, the more friends the better! After lots of stress and work, her party ended up being lots of fun. More little girls showed up that we thought would even though there were only 3. The 3 that showed up were Noodle's best friends though so it worked out nicely. She had a Hello Kitty themed Tea Party. They decorated Princess crowns, made their own bottle cap necklaces with Hello Kitty images, decorated their own cupcakes and ate lots of yummy finger foods. I worked really hard on the decor and favors. I worked on Hello Kitty cake pops for days. Nana and I made tissue paper flowers. Nana made Olivia a special dress. We just knew it was going to be hideous with the fabric Noodle picked but it ended up being way cute!!! So here are some pictures!

Well, I think that is all for now.
Until next time...

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