Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tis the Season for Christmas Cards...

and this year I'll be getting our cards from Tiny Prints.  They have such great options! Holiday cards, Christmas cards, ones with photos, ones without photos, tri-fold ones and even ornament ones that can be hung on the tree! What makes them even better is the personalization that's available. Who doesn't like adding their own little touch to make them more personable!?!

As I was looking through their selection, I could tell I would have a hard time choosing which one we would use this year. I loved so many!

Here's a Tri-fold option that I love. I love the bright colors, what it says and that it offers space for 3 pictures: one of Noodle, one of Nugget and either one of Newby or one of our whole family!
Tri-Fold Holiday Cards Colorful Lace - Front : Passion
Here's an Ornament option that I love too! "Happy Everything" it says so that no one is left out! And it, too, has room for more than one picture. What a great little keepsake it could be for our family members and friends' Christmas trees. I really like that
Ornament Cards Ever Happy - Front : Teal
I've just noticed that I'm leaning towards maybe an aqua and red color scheme this year. I just love those two colors together.

Ok, here's one last option: The Flip Card! These are so fun and different!
Die Cut Christmas Cards Fun Fair Isle
Well, those are just three of the options that I love! I think I'm going to have a very hard time deciding which one! I think, first, though I ought to decide when and where we'll have our Christmas pictures done. I'll need some fantastic pictures to fill any one of these Tiny Prints fantastic options!!!

Not only does Tiny Prints do Christmas and Holiday card, they also have a wide selection of
Birth Annoucements
Boy Photo Birth Announcements Taped Frames - Front : Gibraltar

Birthday Invitations
,Birthday Party Invitations Bunting Abound - Front : Amethyst

Address Labels and much more.

Also if you are a blogger and want to receive 50 Tiny Prints Christmas cards in exchange for a review, you can go here to sign up:

Keep checking back to see which option I picked.

**I was offered 50 free holiday cards in exchange for this post. The opinions, however, are my own.

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