Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Days are on their way!

So a few posts ago, I hoped for Better Days for our family in 2011 and they are finally on their way! Of course, we've gone through a lot to get to these better days!

The Hubs finally got a promotion at work but unfortunately, it came with dealing with a boss that was a real piece and horribly long hours that kept him from seeing the kids a lot of the time. Well, that job is now history and he has been given a better opportunity with more potential at another company. We are super excited! The hours are much more family friendly, the pay is better for less hours, as well as less responsibility and drama. I think he'll have more opportunities for advancement with this company too! The best part is he's taking over a week off to spend time with us before starting the new job! Yay for Family Time!!

Nugget is having lots of better days these days too! His face is completely clear except for the occasional and minor break out from some environmental change or food sensitivity. A few months ago, he went through allergy testing torture and we learned he had a Tree Nut allergy. It hasn't affected him too badly! He didn't eat nuts often before anyway. We just recently got a Trader Joe's in town and found him some Sunflower Seed Butter that makes a great sandwich! He loves it! The allergist also gave us a new ointment that couldn't be used on babies less than 2 yrs. old and it did the trick. Within days, his face started clearing! It's been amazing!! He looks like a different baby! Here's a very recent picture! Last time we had some professionally done at Christmas, there was lots of editing to clear up his face. Not this time!!!

And I've saved the best for last! Our Better Days are bringing baby #3 in February!! We are so excited! I'm just out of my first trimester and hoping that my second brings better days with less nausea, morning sickness and just plain miserableness! Of my three pregnancies, this has definitely been the most difficult for me! I just feel way more pregnant than I actually am and with that, can only imagine what it will be like the further along I get! The kids are getting used to the idea of another baby. Noodle's excited sporadically! She really wants this one to be a girl and I think until she knows for sure what it is, she doesn't want to show her excitement! We've discussed with her how we have no control over what this baby will be and that God will give us what he thinks our family needs! So for her, let's hope He thinks we need a girl! Nugget's just 2 1/2 and he doesn't quite understand. He loves babies but when you ask him if he wants Mommy to have one, he emphatically says, "NO!" At his age too, we've had to explain to him that he has to be more gentle with Mommy's belly since there's a baby in there! He thinks the baby is in my belly button, it's so cute! He also has been telling people  he has a baby in his belly, which we think is really, really cute! That's how we've told a few people our news!
Me: Nugget, What's in your belly?
Nugget: A baby's in my belly
Me: Who else has a baby in their belly?
Nugget: Mommy!
The older people have really gotten a kick out of that!
So this one is due Feb. 25th which means if all things go as planned (which we know rarely happens), we'll stay Together 24. My Dr. has already said we can schedule my c-section for Feb 24th so this baby with be a 24 too! It will also share a birthday with Nugget if it comes that day! What an exciting 3rd Bday Present for him!

Just a last random picture that's just cute not to share! My favorite pic from our last session with the amazing Kristen Pace! I plan on getting it as big as I can because I love it that much! Hope you love it too!

Well, Here's to Better Days for us and all of you too!

Until next time...

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