Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Hodge Podge of Holidays, Birthdays and Better Days!

Since I've been M.I.A for a few, this post is most definitely as the title describes.

As for the Holidays part...did everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? I sure hope do because I know we surely did! I was nice and more relaxing than our usual Holiday season and we enjoyed every minute of it. We've been celebrating Christmas for the last week. We did our house and my mom's side Christmas Day, we did Hubs' family yesterday and we did Christmas with my Dad today! It was nice to have them all stretched out since we normally cover them all Christmas Eve and Day!

As for the Birthdays part...we celebrated Noodle's 7th Birthday! I can hardly believe my precious little baby is 7! She has grown up so fast!For her birthday, she got her very own digital camera. She was so excited! She loves taking pictures but needed her own camera since we no longer have a reg. digital camera and there's no way she's playing with my SLR! She took it everywhere with us that night! After church on Christmas Eve, we went to the local Japanese restaurant to celebrate! She loves Japanese and sushi! She also pestered us the whole dinner about them coming to sing for her and when they got there, she refused to get up and dance. So I had to get up and dance with her! It was a good time!
Here's a picture of her when she was just a couple of days old!
How I loved her squishy little cheeks!
And here she is now at 7! She's becoming quite the little lady!
She's got a fashion sense that's all her own. She's into anything that's peace signs, hearts or rock-n-roll. I'm pretty sure she's got Beiber Fever and she love singing along loudly to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or anything else on the radio for that matter! She's a great reader and her cursive is neater than mine! Her abilities continue to blow me away daily! She's a great big sister to Nugget and most days he calls for her more than he calls for me! Along with all those wonderful things about her, we struggle daily with talking back, being ungrateful and her just being 7! But we love her dearly!

Now lastly for the Better Days part...we're hoping 2011 is full of them! I'm pretty sure 2010 had it out for us. We weren't dealt the best hand in 2010 so we're hoping 2011's hand is full of better opportunities. We're looking forward to what is to come this year!
We're hoping for a new job with better pay for the Hubs since his current job has been the bearer of most of our hardships in 2010! I'm hoping for his new job for selfish reasons too! I want to be a full time SAHM like I've always been until this year. The working world is not for me! This is the first year that I haven't been able to spend time with Noodle over Christmas break and it had killed me. My job is only PRN and lucky for me, they've needed me the whole time she was on break! I love being at home with the kiddos way too much. They continue to amaze me every single day and I don't want to miss one moment! To go along with the hopes of being able to quit my paying job, I hope to start my own business of craftiness, maybe an Etsy store! I got a Silhouette for Christmas and can't wait to use it! I'm hoping to turn my Onesies I've been making into something better and to start making lots of other things to sell!!
I'm secretly hoping to add to our clan. Of course, this depends highly on if Hubs gets a new job. Of course baby's cost money and we have been struggling in that area for the last 6 months or so. I'm hoping that we'll get back on our feet and that baby #3 will become a possibility rather than just a dream!
I'm hoping that 2011 will be a great year health wise for my whole family but most importantly my precious baby Nugget. 2010 has been such a hard year on him with his eczema. He has a rare form for children but all that I have read says that it last between 18 months to 2 years. Well we're going on not quite 18 months and we're hoping we're near the end of this adventure! As of today, he's looking amazing! Now if you would have asked me how he was last week, my story would have been different! His body was doing amazing but his poor face was not! See, he's prone to infections and his face is the first place that gets it since it's always exposed! I hope 2011 consists of less flares, less antibiotics and more management! Today our management routine consists of Aveeno Oatmeal Baths, Aveeno Oatmeal Baby Wash, Aveeno Oatmeal Moisturizer, Hydrocortisone Valerate and Altabax ointments for his face, and Zyrtec for the itching. I know it sounds like a lot but as long as those are all and it doesn't include an antibiotic or steroid, it's a good thing!

Well, I hope 2011 bring you all great things! That's enough rambling for me for one night!

until next time...

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