Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My first

Well, today is the day I decided to start blogging. Being a stay at home mom, I only have one little person to talk to throughout the day and that's my precious little boy. Seeming that he's only a baby, there's only so much I can talk to him about since he doesn't talk back. I figured this would be a great way to share and vent the happening in my life. I hope that I can find enough things to share about and don't do too much venting!

You may be wondering why I chose to name my blog Together 24. The three most important people in my life and myself all have that number in common. Nugget, my son, was due March 1st but when the doctors decided it would be best for me to have him via c-section when I was 39 weeks, I asked if I could have Feb. 24 since it was in my 39th week and it would make my whold little family all have birthdays on the 24. That makes that we were all born on the 24th of a month. My birthday is July 24, my husband known here as Hubbs, is on Aug. 24; my daughter, Noodle, is on Dec. 24 and Nugget's is Feb. 24. We didn't originally plan it to happen that way but think it's neat that it worked out that way.

Well, that's all for my first blog. I'll be back eventually to share what's going on with me and my family.

Til next time...


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