Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do you have your Valentine's Cards yet?

I know we don't yet, but Tiny Prints has lots of options that we can choose from! We normally go with the generic Valentine's that they sell in any drug store but Tiny Prints offers way too may cute and different options to go that route this year.
Make sure you check our their Valentines Cards as well as their Valentines Day Greeting Cards.

My son, Nugget, is almost 3 and this is his first year in preschool which means its his first years of holiday parties. That is so exciting to me! I just love making little goody bags for all the little ones in his class. I think this card called To Infinity would be the perfect one for him to pass out to his little friends. It fits him perfectly! Having his little Nugget face as a space ranger is just perfect since he's obsessed with that well known space ranger, Buzz Lightyear!
Valentine's Day Cards for Kids To Infinity - Front : Baltic
My daughter, Noodle, just turned 8 so she's an old pro at holiday school parties. She always has the hardest time deciding on what kind of Valentines to give but I think Tiny Prints has just the perfect one for her. The card, Love and Peace, is right up her alley. The girl is obsessed with anything that has peace signs. I sometimes think she was born in the wrong decade she loves them so much!
Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Love and Peace - Front : White
Here's another option that would be good for either of my kiddos to hand out. What kiddo doesn't love a good maze? This A-Maze-Ing Valentine offers them just that!
Valentine's Day Cards for Kids A-Maze-ing Valentine - Front : Margarita
What I love the most about Tiny Prints and their cards is the personalization you can do! I went ahead and designed this card, Sweet and Simple using my absolute most favorite picture of my kiddos, courtesy of Kristen Pace Photography.
I think this will be the one I send out to everyone! I just love it!!!!!!
Make sure you head on over to Tiny Prints to check out their selection of Valentine's Day cards!! Once you check out their cards, head on over and Like them on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (!/TinyPrints).  And of course, Tiny Prints is on Pinterest, too, so make sure you go follow all their boards (!


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