Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nugget's going Wheat-free!

Upon doing lots of research, we've decided that Nugget's going to go wheat free for a week. With Nugget's struggle with eczema, I am constantly researching causes. We've tried all kinds of medications, oral and topical, we've seen two dermatologists, he's been allergy tested and yet he still has severe eczema. Well just this week, I'm thinking I may have found a very likely source: WHEAT! Although Nugget has been allergy tested, he was not tested for a wheat allergy. His allergy testing also didn't show an allergy to milk but he can't touch the stuff! It causes a flare up everytime! So I started doing some research on wheat allergies and found that eczema is a symptom along with swelling around the eyes. Nugget's eyelids and around are also swollen! Everything Nugget eats has wheat in it and when I say everything, I mean everything! I've noticed that he's always extra itchy after eating and have often wondered if it was something else that he was eating that I had not thought of! I also found that wheat is a source of PABA, a common ingredient in sunscreens. Nugget has flare ups with all sunscreens that are not PABA free! Well that's too many coinky-dinkies for me!

So starting Monday, Nugget's going wheat free for a week. I hit up Earthfare and Whole Foods today to check out wheat free options for him and was surprised at how many there were. Even more surprised at how crazy expensive they are! I got a glimpse of that when we started looking for cheese alternatives for him. He loves grilled cheese but it doesn't not love his skin! He flares up with every one but I felt it was mean to deprive him of something he loved so much. Our solution was Vegan Cheese which he loves! I don't blame him though, the stuff is better than regular old American cheese! We left the stores with lots of options for Nugget! Here's a list of some of our exciting wheat free purchases!
I think that's it but I may be wrong. I'm super excited to see if this helps him any. I'm tired of nothing working and my poor baby suffering!
I'll post again afterwards to let you know how it went!


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