Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here are a few pictures from the Egg Drop on Saturday. Noodle loves the idea of and Egg Hunt but just isn't pushy enough to enjoy them. When it started all the other kids ran to gather as many eggs as possible while she just stood there and cried because they were in her way. She was just too nice to push past them! She was sad that she only got like 10 eggs while all the other kids had baskets full! Maybe one day she'll be pushy enough to get a bunch. But then again, maybe her not being pushy is a good thing!

After the Egg Drop, we went over to my mom's house for an Egg Hunt there. Of course, Noodle did much better because she only had two others to compete with, her cousin Bubby, and Nugget (who doesn't really count because he's not walking and we had to take him to find the eggs.)
Unfortunately on Easter Sunday, we did not make it to church. Nugget woke up with his left eye almost completely swollen shut from his eczema. He must have rubbed it all night in his sleep and irritated it! So Easter Sunday morning was spent in Doctor's Care by the house to make sure that nothing else was wrong. He's had bad flare-ups before but nothing where his eyes were affected. The doctor put him on another steriod taper upping the dose that he was on. He only had two more weeks of the taper he was on then so now we get to start all over! Whatever will work and hopefully this will!
So we did make it to the family Easter dinner which was held at a buffet this year. No one felt like cooking encluding me.

Here are two pictures of my mom's grandkids. Noodle and Nugget and my sister, Sissy's son, Bubby. It's so hard to get all three of them to look. 

Enjoyed Family dinner. Now we're on our way to Tybee Island, GA for a mini vacay. Be back in a couple of days with lots of pictures to post!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!


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