Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Beautiful Boy!

Its official!! Owen's back to his clear beautiful self (not that he wasn't still beautiful all swollen and bumpy)! I am so thankful for Dr.S who is a miracle worker! She prescribed just the right things and his face cleared up almost immediately. Now its my job to keep him moisterized and medicated which I plan on doing religiously! I don't want my baby boy to have to suffer again!
So here's a picture from today at the park!
Here are some other ones from yesterday too! The kids love to go to the park. I'm so proud of the young girl Olivia's becoming. She's a wonderful big sister to Owen. She helped him up the stairs, crawled with him in the tunnel and even fussed at the kids that were bigger than him for being too rough around him! I am thankful for my two beautiful children!!

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