Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mini Vacay to Tybee Island, GA

Hubbs' Uncle and his family were coming for a visit over spring break and part of their visit was going to be in spent in Tybee Island so we decided to go down for a couple of days to join them. They live in Seattle so we don't get to see them very often. The last time was at our wedding and Noodle just fell madly in love with J, Uncle's daughter. So when we found out they were coming, we had to see them. If not Noodel may have had a hissy fit! From the day Noodle found out, J and D were coming that's all we've heard about. "Mommy, when are they going to be here?" "Mommy, are they here yet?"
It was so nice to take a family vacation! Hubbs actually got three days off including Easter Sunday which is a very rare occurence. So we left Easter Sunday after family lunch! We had lots of fun hanging out. We ate, beached, "dumpster dived," fished, climbed the Tybee lighthouse and ate some more! It was a good time!

"Dumpster diving" was not actually that but actually going on a dolphin tour. Dumpster diving became our codeword! About a month before our trip, we started discussing going on a Boat ride to see dolphin because we knew it was something that Noodle would thoroughly enjoy! Well, we didn't want her to know about it so while talking we spelled out dolphin so she could not understand. She, of course, asked what I just spelled and to keep her from constantly asking I came up with "dumpster diving" because it too started with a "d." That seemed to satisfy her curiosity! However, over the course of the next month the codeword turned into an eloborate trip to actually go dumpster diving in her mind, to the point where I thought she was actually going to be dissappointed when we didn't go! Well, after we arrived to Tybee she saw signs about dolphin tours and then started repeatedly asking if we could go to that so I knew that she would not be dissappointed but excited that all along it was something she really wanted to do. On our dolphin adventure, Noodle got to see at least 20 frolicking dolphins! She had a blast!
On the otherhand, at the lighthouse, she did not! We learned Noodle is scared to death of heights! She comes by it honestly though! On our honeymoon, Hubbs and I climbed the lighthouse in Key West. I did just fine climbing it, it was coming down that was the problem! The stairs were open so I could see ALL the way down and that totally freaked me out! Nood experience the same thing! She was a champ until about 2./3 of the way up, then she started to panic! Once to the top, she cried and refused to come down. She had no choice, at this point it was the only way! So I took her by her hand and led her down. As Hubbs called it, it was "the blind leading the blind" The whole time I was leading her down, my hands were shaking and my legs were very close to being jello, but we made it. Now Noodle can say that she climbed a lighthouse and it will probably be the last time for both of us!
Here are just a few pictures from our mini vacay. I have learned that I take way too many pictures and there's no way to share every single one of them!


Sara Lynn said...

Cute pics! Looks as though yall had a great time. I share that fear of heights but its only when going to the railing of the lighthouses. Coming down is the BEST part haha.

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