Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting to Know you, well actually Me!

Thanks to Keely over at MannLand5, I've discovered "Getting to Know You"! I'm pretty new to blogging and am always looking for new things to write about so this is a great thing to start.

1. Do you have a fetish?
I have a flip flop/shoes in general fetish! I just can't get enough of them. After having each baby, my feet grew and I was so sad when I had to get rid of all my fabulous shoes. Now I'm in the process of replenishing them which isn't as easy since my feet got wider and it's hard to find shoes that are cute and comfortable. That's where the flip flop fetish comes in handy because they are easy to find!!

2. Do you sing in the shower? Not only do I sing in the shower but I sing in the car, in the living room, to my babies. For that matter I'm always humming and am known to burst out in song whenever it hits me!

3. Who was your first crush? I did chased this boy Michael around the playground when I was in five year old kindergarten so I guess he would be my first crush! If not him, then it would definitely have to be Uncle Jesse on Full House! Have Mercy!!! I was so in love with him in first grade! Or it could have been Donnie from New Kids on the Block. I had his doll. His face was on my pillow! I was so in love with him too!

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?
Being a great support physically, emotionally and financially! A man who can provide for his family and at the same time give them all the love and attention they need is a great man! My husband is a great man!

5. Do you sleep naked?
I have two kids one of whom could waltz in the room anytime she wanted so no I don't sleep naked. Well not totally anyway!

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking? I almost always readjust my pants. I feel like I'm constanly pulling them up or straightening them out and I hate doing it when anyones looking. It's just not appropriate!

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?
Sadly its check Facebook followed by checking my emails then blogging.

8. Summer is.....?
wonderful! I love the summer! I love going to the beach, spending extra time with Livi since she's out of school, taking her to Summer Camps, and taking the kids on mini  day vacays.


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