Wednesday, May 26, 2010

W is for Wednesday and...


So each week on Wednesday I've decided I'm going to give you "W is for Wednesday and..." What comes after the "and" will change every week and there will be a question that relates! I'd love to see everyone join in and hear how you'd answer the question. If you want, you can copy and paste into your own blog or you can leave it as a comment! Hope everyone's having a Wonderful Wednesday!

This week I choose "W is for Wednesday and Words"

If you could pick 3 "words" to describe yourself, what would they be and why?

1. Mommy- I know thats obvious but I put it because it makes me who I am! When I was younger, I never wanted kids! I wanted to focus on myself and my career but all that changed when I had Noodle. She has made me a better person. Then I had Nugget and I realized that being a mommy is what I'm supposed to be! I love the rewards that come with being a mom! I get to watch my two beauiful children grow up and experience new things everyday. Being a mom means that I am shaping the future with my children. I just hope that I can shape them into well- mannered, loving children who go on to be great sucessful adults!

2. Competitive- I never really thought of myself as competetive until recently. I want to be the best in all that I do. I guess that's also a little bit of perfectionism coming out in me too! While playing Wii the other day with my husband, we were just doing a 3 pointer contest and I so badly want to beat him! I so badly wanted to get a perfect score! I got pure joy when I did beat him but I've yet to get a perfect score. Even though for the next two days, everytime Nugget went down for a nap, I certainly tried too!

3.Unorganized- Completely! I wish that I wasn't but I am! Always have been! Well I guess its more of an Organized Chaos! I know where things are but I'm the only one! I want to be organized so that everything has its place and that I'm not the only one that knows where that place is! Its something that I'm working on!

I look forward to hearing what three words you think describe yourself.
Come back next week to see what else "W" is for!


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