Monday, May 24, 2010

Seems to be a Manic Monday!

I don't know what's going on but it's early and today's already been rather crazy.
I should have known when I went in to get Noodle up for school and she didn't budge that it was going to be a great day. Of course by "great" I'm totally being sarcastic. How come no one has developed a font specifically used for sarcasm. Anyway, when she finally woke up, she cried over what I picked for her to wear, didn't want anything but PB&J out of all the things I offered to put in her lunch and then she started to cry. The crying didn't stop either. She cried over brushing her teeth, cried that she didn't want to go to school, cried because she was too tired, cried when I told her she had to go to school, cried when I told her she didn't get to spend the night with M&B if she didn't go to school, cried when I asked her to change her shirt because the one she finally put on was dirty. I finally just sent her to her room with the intent of just letting her stay home. With all the crying, I assumed she had a long and exhausting weekend over at her dad's, which isn't unusual. After calming down she came the the top of the stairs, "Mommy, do I get to spend the night with M&B tonight?" Let the water works begin AGAIN! I had already told her no school, no M&B. It wasn't too late for her to make it school so she finished getting ready and we headed to school.
Surprisely we actually made it on time and she was happy when she finally got out of the car. I think it's because she knew since she was going to school she'd get to spend the night with M&B(her great grandparents).
Well, it didn't get any better from there. As soon as I pulled back out onto the main road, Nugget started screaming! Not him too! And then after half the ride home, he just stopped! But unfortunately it didn't end there. Once inside the house, he started again. He cried until I got breakfast fixed, cried when I wouldn't let him hold my phone, cried when I changed his diaper and as I sit here and type this, he's in his crib crying! It's naptime for him and for the last three day, Nugget and naptime just don't mix. What happened to my good little sleeper who went down at 10 and slept until at least 1? Where did he go? I want him back. This napping for an hour thing is not my friend. I can't get anything done! Naptime was when I took the time to straighten up the mess he made with his toys or to do some laundry or just catch my breath. No nap means no downtime. I need the downtime!
All the craziness and I almost forgot that today is the last Monday of the school year! Well, techinically it is. Next Monday is Memorial Day so Nood doesn't have school but she does have it Tues.-Thursday! I'm super excited and ready for summer. Nugget's big enough to take to the beach, Noodle's going to a few camps, and it'll be nice to have both kids able to spend time together. I am so thankful that my children love to be with each other! I know it surprising. The whole time I was pregnant with Nugget I just knew Noodle was going to hate him when he got here but she doesn't. She's like a second mommy for him. If she wakes up before he does, she goes and gets him out of bed. She lets him climb all over her when she's on the floor. Cute part is that we can tell Nuuget loves her too! He gets so excited when she walks in the room. When we go to pick her up in the afternoon, as soon as they open the door to put Liv in the car, he yelling Hey at her and giggling. It so cute. I just hope that their relationship stays a good one and that as they grow, their relationship grows closer!
I think that's enough for now. I think I'm pretty much done with the rambling.
Hoping that this Manic Monday will turn into something much less manic!
Oh, once last thing but definitely not the least important! Happy 15 Months to Nugg! I can't believe he's that old already. They grow up too fast!


Kenzie said...

I am so sorry you had a terrible morning! I hope your afternoon was better! My 3 year old has been crying over everything too, even when she has been hopping around, legs crossed holding on for dear life because she has to pee and I finally make her!

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