Friday, June 25, 2010

Another 24th passes

So if you didn't know already, the reason my blog is title Together 24 is because everyone in our little family has a birthday on the 24th of some month, Hubbs in Aug, Noodle in Dec., Nugget in Feb. and me in July.

Well yesterday was June 24th and we had lots to celebrate. Yesterday was Noodle's 1/2 birthday! She's not officially 1/2 way to being 7 and she can't seem to stop talking about turning 7. She's so excited! When the Hubbs and I got married, his side of the family started celebrating her 1/2 birthday so she didn't feel like she got jipped. With her being on Christmas Eve, they wanted to make sure she got birthday presents that were separate from her Christmast presents. So to celebrate, last night we went to Fonduely Yours with Nana. It was the first time going there for all of us. We had such a great time and left completely stuffed. We had some cheese fondue with bread, apples and some veggies. We had a variety of meats and veggies to cook up. Then to finish things up, we had some chocolate fondue with cake, marshmallows, bananas, apples and a few other things. Man, was it yummy! My favorites were the stuffed mushrooms and the chocolate covered marshmallows!
Yesterday, Nugget also turned 16 months. He's developing such a little personality and its too funny!
At his last checkup which was about 3 wks ago, he was 23 lbs and 29.75 inches. He's a little peanut compared to Noodle!
He talks nonstop but we have no idea what he's saying.
He says a few words here and there but definitely only talks on his own terms. When he actually wants to, he can say "dog" "Mama" "Dada" "Olivia" "uh-oh" "meow" "cookie" and a few others I'm sure that I can't think of right now. He's very verbal when he gets mad and it almost sounds like he's cursing at you. Which we know is not the case since we don't curse in front of him!
He walking all over the place and becoming quite the explorer/climber. He's so cute because he walks with his little belly poking out! He climbs in and out of his seat where he eats and in and out the back of his tonka dump truck.
He's just recently started doing "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" with his little fingers! It's so cute!
He's also eats non-stop! We're starting to think that he's a bottomless pit. We're not quite sure where he puts all of it.
His eczema is still not completely under control and its set off very easily! He's not on any dairy and seems to be allergic to mango. Luckily he isn't old enough to miss the dairy. We've done as much as we can to make sure he still gets things like cheese and yogurt, just vegan cheese and soy yogurt. He loves soy milk too!
He just today recognized himself in the mirror. It was so cute. He looked in the mirror and then touched his face because he saw that there was something on it. He's in the midst of a flare up so his face isn't looking that great and he has several scabby spots. He noticed them this time though when he looked in the mirror.

So another 24th passes meaning we're 8 months closer to the terrible twos, 6 months closer to Christmas and to Noodle turning 7, 2 months away from Hubbs turning 29 and 1 month away from my 27th birthday!


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That is so awesome that all of your birthdays on the 24th. :-)

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