Monday, June 7, 2010

First Monday of Summer!

So today's the first Monday of summer and I'm hoping that the
rest of the days of summer are as great as today was!
Nood started Cheerleading Camp at my old high school.
Nug and I visited with some friends while she was at camp.
We picked Liv up from cheerleading camp.
It was quiet time when we got home so Nugget took a nap
while Noodle watched The Tooth Fairy and played in her room.
That meant I got to do whatever I wanted! WooHoo!
After quiet time, we went to play in the Sprinkler Pad at the Park.
Noodle loved it, Nugget wasn't so sure!
Picked up French Toast Sticks from Sonic for dinner
Noodle surprisingly asked to take a shower as soon as we walked in the door!
Nugget ate his french toast sticks along with some strawberries.
After bathing and eating, Noodle practiced some of her cheers for us.
I cracked up at Nugget clapping, stomping and shaking his butt along with her!
Both kids were in bed by 7:30
YAY for "ME" TIME!!!!

Here are some pictures from the park today!


Monique said...

Wow! That's pretty cool that all your bdays are on the 24th. Seems like a fun summer so far :)

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