Wednesday, June 2, 2010

W is for Wednesday and...


I love all things wedding! I loved planning our wedding. I loved talking about weddings. I love going to weddings. So this week I pick weddings for my other 'W' word.

Here's how it works. If you want to join in just copy the question into your own blog, answer and post. Come back here and let me know you joined in so I can read what you wrote about!

What are your 3 favorite things about weddings? This can be your three favorite things that happened at you own wedding or just three of your favorite things about weddings in general!

So here are my three favorite things from my wedding!
1. Hubbs' vows to Noodle! When we start laying out our ceremony, we decided to include vows to Noodle! I had Nood preHubbs, so he wasn't just marrying me, he was marrying her too! I knew from the beginning that he was a great man because he accepted me even though I had a child and he loved that child as much as he loved me and treated her as his own from practically day one! So during our ceremony, after we said our vows to each other, Frank said his vows to Noodle. He vowed to love her as if she were his but also vowed to not try to fill the spot that was her fathers. He would have his own special place in her heart like she had in his! Like we exchanged rings with our vows, He gave her a necklace. The necklace has three hearts: one for me, one for him and the middle one for her. The middle one had her name engraved on it! I am so lucky to have found a man who loved me and my child!

2.Our cake! I loved, loved, loved our cake! When picking out our cake, I didn't want the usual white cake! I decided to go with a cake that Publix had listed under Groom's cakes. Our colors were brown and red and the cake had a layer that was chocolate coated on top with it running down the side. It was supposed to come with chocolate cover strawberries on it but instead, we put the strawberries as filling in the layer with the chocolater coating. It tasted like a big chocolate covered strawberry and was wonderful! I just wish I got more of it! Here's a picture of it from the site.

3. Planning it on a much smaller budget that most weddings are planned! Since this was my second wedding, we had to pay for a lot of it ourselves. I planned everything on aboutan $8000 budget and loved every minute of it! It wasn't stressful to me but fun to see what all I could get. I also did a lot of things myself. I made the favors, the inviations, and the programs. We splurged on food and photography which took up most of our budget but those are some of the most important things to have. You want to make sure your guests have yummy food and you want to have great pictures to remember the day by for years and years!

I'm going to have to try to add pictures later. For some reason it won't upload any right now and I don't really have the time to keep messing with it at the moment.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to share! I love weddings!

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