Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 18 of the 30 Day B.C

So I totally missed days 11 thru 17 but I've been crazy busy and crazy sick. I only work when needed and it just so happens that I'm need for a whole month so I've been working. I'm not used to working everyday so I have a hard time getting everything done that I want to. On top of working, a couple of day ago I started feeling bad and it just got worse from them. Yesterday when I woke up running a fever of over 100, I figured I needed to go to the doctor. So I have Strep Throat and have practically been quarantined to my bedroom so I don't get anyone else sick. Today is the first day I've felt better all week!

So here is Day 18: My wedding!
It was almost 3 years ago that I married my best friend. We got married in my mother-in-law's church. It's a great little church and our guest practically filled the whole thing! It was still decorated for Christmas with the trees and poinsettias. I seems like yesterday but also like longer than 3 years ago. When I get back on my own computer, I'll add some of my favorite pictures.
I'm on my daughter's Christmas present, setting it up and charging it so it's all ready for her to play with Christmas morning.

Hope every has a very Merry Christmas!

until next time...


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