Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Six of 30 Day B.C

Today is Day Six of the 30 Day Blog Challenge that Amanda over at My Life as a Wife is doing!

Day Six is 20 Favorite Things!

This shouldn't be too hard so here goes it:
(They are just in random order!)

1. My two wonderful kids, Noodle and Nugget. How could they not be?
2. Sweatshirts

3. Sheets right out of the dryer

4. Russell Stover's Chocolate Covered Marshmellow Santas

5. Cheesecake

6. Flip Flops

7. Any Flats

8. Red and Turquoise together

9. Kisses from the Hubbs (They are the foot popping kind!)

10. My Camera

11. Pictures of my Kids (speaking are some)




12. Blogging

13. Crafting

14. Painting

15. Shopping

16. Just Dance esp. with Noodle

17. Mr. Pibb

18. When Hubbs Drives

19. Sushi! Yummo!

20. Christmas Eve Church Service

until tomorrow...


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