Friday, December 3, 2010

Fawk you Friday!

Yay for Fawk you Friday! Who doesn't need a chance to throw out a few Fawk you's to all those people places and things? I do! So here goes:

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Fawk You to the lovely lady on the phone that called me a dumbass while I was at work today. Being a Pool person I float around ofter among 5 different locations, so therefore I don't really know anyone. This lovely lady called asking for someone I did not know and after telling her that I'm just covering for the regular person so I don't know who that is or how to reach them, she asked for me to find out those things and called me a dumbass! So after finding out that the person wasn't there, she asked to speak to anyone else. Being the dumbass she thought I was, I nicely and politely transferred her to anyone! Anyone being somebody not in my dept that couldn't help her at all!!!! I mean I had to live up to her Dumbass expectations!

Fawk you to Toys r Us for not making it apparent that the Buy Any Dance Wii game and get another Wii game for $5 sale ended yesterday. I went there today hoping to get myself Just Dance 2 and another game for Noodle for Christmas and found the sale had ended. Now its buy a DS game get one for $5. I don't need two DS games!

One more very nondescript Fawk You to a person who will remain nameless because of being the worst at something that means a lot to me. I know that doesn't give you guys any information but it makes me feel better because I know who it is and I needed to get it out there for no other reason that than!

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a Happy Weekend.

until next time...


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