Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Three of 30 Day B.C

Day Three: Favorite Television Program

Well this time of year my favorite TV program is The Sing Off. This is the second season and by far, it's my favorite show on. I just wish it last longer! It just started on the 6th and only has like 5 more shows. If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out. It comes on NBC tonight at 8. It's a singing competition for nothing but a capella groups. Last season my favorite was the Beelzebubs (I'm guessing I spelled that right) and this season, my favorite, so far after just one episode, are the Whiffenpoofs. They are the a capella group from Yale. They were great! You should check it out too!

Any other time, I love any of the CSIs.

Big Bang Theory! I love Sheldon! Bazinga!

Of the new shows that just started this season, I'm loving Chase! It is SO good. When the new season started, the Hubbs really loved the new Hawaii 5-0.
Bad new for him: He works late on Mondays and kept missing it.
Good new for me: I didn't have to watch it because I wasn't a fan so I found something else.
 Chase was that show. Now I have him watching it and he even thinks its better than Hawaii 5-0!

and I love how funny Mike and Molly is! I don't care what that Marie Claire writer says! I love the show and fat people (being that I'm not a stick anyway)
I loved Melissa McCarthy on Gilmore Girls as Suki and now I love her even more as Molly on this show!

 and last but definitely not least, GLEE! I'm a total GLEEK! I esp. love the episode with Gweneth Paltrow! I love, love, loved the Singing in the Rain/Umbrella number at the end. It's got to be my most favorite performance of the show so far. I even made the song my ringtone!

Well that about sums it up!
If you want to join in on the 30 Day Blog Challenge, check it out Amanda's blog over at My Life as a Wife.

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