Monday, December 13, 2010

Exciting Day!!

Today is a very exciting day for several reasons;

1. The Hubbs has a job interview!!!! That is the best news we've had in a long time. We both (me mostly) have been searching like crazy for him a new job. A few months back he got a life changing demotion that came with a 50% pay cut! It killed me! It killed us! Our relationship has been tried for sure and we've been struggling! Not only in our relationship but in every other day possible. This interview needs to go well! Him getting this job will be the long awaited answer to our prayers! I'm so nervous for him! This is his first interview with this company and it's with the VP of the Company. How nerve wracking is that? This company has much better hours that he works now as they close at 5:30 Mon-Fri and at 4 on Sat. Even better is that they are closed every Sunday! His current job has him working long days (I'm talking 12-13hrs) and they close at 9 which makes him getting home normally after 10 because he very rarely opens!
Pray that this is direction Frank is supposed to be going and that his interview will go well!

2. We have family pictures today! I am so excited. I love getting our coordinating outfits together and I can hardly wait to see what the finish products will look like. It is however very cold today and our pictures are outside. I'm hoping it won't affect the outcome of our pictures too badly! We decided to go with a new photographer this time. I saw her pictures and fell in love. They were just what I wanted! She was running a special too which helped me make my decision. We don't get professional pictures done that often because of Nugget's face always been flared up so I went out on a limb even scheduling them. Luckily, he's looking pretty good today. He's been on Aveeno Oatmeal overload as we've found their products to make the biggest difference for him! He's gotten an oatmeal bath, washed in oatmeal wash and rubbed down with oatmeal lotion. Anyway, back to pictures. I'm super excited. Nana made Noodle a new skirt and I made her a new headband. I may make them both some shirts today but I'm still not sure!

Those are the two things I'm most excited about. Now on the other hand, I am not excited about this being my only day off this week. I start working tomorrow for a month and that sucks. I've gotten so used to being a stay-at-home mom that I'm dreading working. I work everyday that Noddle's on break from school and this is the first that has every happened. If Hubbs get this new job, that will all change. I'll get to quit my job and go back to staying at home full time. Anyway, I've just been working as needed but it seems that the only time I'm needed is when Noodle's out of school. That is not what I signed up for. The only good thing to come out of it is the money I will make. They pay me pretty decent per hour so the paychecks will be nice. I think we're going to take the money at take all the kids to Disney World. My sister and her son would be going with us so it'd be great fun. Disney World was one of the two things Noodle asked for for Christmas too so it should make it even better.

Anyway, hope everyone has an exciting day! I know I will!

until later...


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