Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am BAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Yippee!!!

Thanks to the very fast cable man, I'm back! Oh how I have missed blogging!!!

We have been cable and Internet free for months now! I do not think I would have survived if it wasn't for my Android phone and lovely Antenna TV! I was still able to follow all of your lovely blogs but blogging from my phone took way too much time! Besides, adding pictures was nearly impossible and what's a blog without pictures. I have so many things that I haven't been able to write about and tons more pictures that haven't been shared.

I am looking forward to catching up and blogging everyday now. I am looking forward to reading all the blogs I follow in full size being able to see how the pretty blog designs!

Hopefully I will still have some followers! Thank you for sticking around even though I have been gone forever! I promise I will be here for awhile now with lots to share! Especially with the holidays coming, family pictures with Kristen Pace, birthdays and anniversaries!

until next time...


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